Lamb Delicacies

Lamb Krahi  

Diced lamb sautéed in a wok with onion, pepper, tomato, ginger, garlic & herbs

Lamb Vandaloo

Lamb curry cooked with potatoes & very hot spices

Lamb Tikka Masala

Tender pieces of lamb roasted in our clay oven, then simmered in a tomato & cream sauce

Lamb Bahaar

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with pieces of eggplant & spices

Lamb Saag

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with deliciously spiced spinach & herbs

Lamb Vegetable

Lamb cooked with cauliflower, carrots, potatoes & peas

Lamb Dopiza

Lamb cooked with green peppers, onions & tomatoes

Lamb Badam Korma

Mild lamb curry cooked in cream with nuts

Lamb Curry


Keema Matar

Specialty from north India: Minced lamb & peas cooked with fresh herbs

Lamb Mango

Lamb cooked with mango & broccoli

Lemon Lamb

Chunks of lamb cooked with fresh ginger, lemon, garlic & spices

Lamb Jaffrazie

Lamb cooked with green peas, onions, bell peppers & tomatoes

Lamb Rogan Josh

Slow-simmered lamb curry cooked in a creamy cashew nut mint sauce

Lamb Madras

Spicy lamb cooked with coconut, mustard and red chili leaves

Achari Lamb Curry (spicy)

Lamb on the bone cooked with hot pickled curry sauce

Lamb Channa Masala

Lamb with chickpeas and spices

Honey Lamb

Sweet flavor lamb with honey and spices

All entrees are served with one serving of papad & one serving of long grain basmati rice & onion chutney. Your entree can be spiced to mild, medium, hot or Indian hot

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